Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tonight Is a Moment - One in a Million

Tonight, the bright and dark are moving in parallel. The bright is reflecting against the dark, forming a shadow - a shadow of your soul on mine. Tonight, I am looking for you in fumes that are emitted. Because you still exist in the heat of the flame, in beat of the music. You are still alive in the dark themes of the night.  Your laughter echoes in the swishing of the wands. Tonight, I am looking for you in numerous directions. Because you showed me the right path - be it through Platform 9 and 3/4 or another express train. Tonight, I am looking for you behind the masks -with a hope that you will unleash your privy existence. Tonight, I am looking for you in the reflection of the drinks - orange, yellow and green, in the phantom of the goblets, because you live in different shades that are incorporated in the ambience. Tonight, I am looking for you in the scents spread across the room, they fill up my heart.

Tonight, I am looking for you to come alive; in everything that there is. Because you still live behind closed doors, because you still live in the chemistry of our bond, because you are alive in every moment I live, because you have conquered my soul to the depth. Tonight I want to see your face because you live in my heart. Tonight, I want to hear you because your laughter instills life into me.

Tonight, you are awaited. Tonight is the night when I want to fly to you on a Nimbus 2000. I would if I could preserve this moment, a moment where white and black are reflecting in the mirror. There is a shadow of glum, but that is the nature of life. Yet, tonight there is so much brightness.
Kaukab Tahir

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