Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Self-Healing Juggler

He knows he'll never have the best of both worlds

Or even the best of one of them

He knows nothing's perfect

And no, certainly not him!


Deep down he knows - he can see

To him this world's a circus

Where he's the juggler

He juggles with fire and water

He juggles between love and hate

He juggles with his world

He juggles his fate


The fire doesn't always pass through

And sometimes his fate slaps him in the face

The blisters often remind him of his failures

But he moves on in his own pace


He moves on without crutches

He doesn't always get help

But he surely knows how to heal himself

He finds solitude in the loneliest places

But finds strangers in familiar faces


Hey, he never said he's perfect

He's just a self-healing juggler

He has to juggle everything that's thrown his way

No matter how hard he tries

He can never throw his worries away


He juggles with love

He juggles with hate

He juggles with his messed up fate

He juggles between what's correct and what's vile

And in between he picks himself up

You see he's just a juggler, not a clown

He can't pull off a painted smile.

 Tasmeena Maryam

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