Friday, November 11, 2011

The Environment Matters

By: Farhan Hafeez

With the passage of time, the concept of ethics has become alien to the masses, businesses work with the motive of earning profits irrespective of whether they are ethical in their operations or not. The environment is a victim of their unethical behavior. Such neglect towards the safety of the environment inspired BBB 5B to organize an event, The Marine Groove.

As part of their business ethics course project the students organized this event to show their concern about the environment and its habitats. Sponsored by the World Wild Life Federation (WWF), the event was applauded. It not only provided the students at SZABIST with an opportunity to relax and have fun but was also a beach event with a purpose: to serve the environment.

The revenue generated was donated to charity while some funds were also allocated towards planting mangrove trees on the coastlines in order to protect the mangrove habitat. In total the students in collaboration with WWF planted approximately 20 trees in the WWF Westland's Centre at Sandspit.

The Earth is a gift from God given to humanity, and it is our duty as part of this earth to take the best care of it and make it an environmentally friendly place to live in. The initiative taken by the students of BBA 5B is commendable not only because of its recreational element but because of its contribution towards the revival of the natural wildlife habitat.

Its true then, “Where there’s a will there’s a way!”

Saturday, November 5, 2011

For the First Time.

By: Farhan Hafeez

The Bollywood film Industry has been a major source of entertainment for the masses in the subcontinent for more than 50 years now. With more than 100 movie releases every year, Bollywood continues to build its name in the world of cinema. 

Think about an Indian movie for a second; you think of a particular style, the glamour, action, romance and more or less the same story. However, recently the Indian film industry moved from the usual flicks and made a paradigm shift. Venturing into a completely new style of cinema, Bollywood produced Ra One.
Starring the King of Bollywood: Shahrukh Khan and Bebo: Kareena Kapoor, Ra One broke the record of the most expensive Indian film ever made. Additionally, it was the first Indian Science Fiction film, due to which it received extensive promotion.

The movie was about creating a video game with the intention of the villain winning, which made the movie so interesting. The best part of the movie was Akon’s song Chamak Challo.

In the beginning the movie is absolutely lame but as it proceeds, it becomes interesting and keeps getting better till the end. It was indeed, a great effort, the effects were simply amazing and the music was just awesome. And, even though as an Indian Science Fiction, the movie to me was epic, the storyline contained loopholes here and there due to which the movie did not live up to the expectations.

The Energy in Energile

By: Umar F. Jadoon

Walking around University which has been decorated with colorful banners and posters of different brands and products, I started to wonder what was going on. With my Facebook page flooding with requests to join various pages regarding different products, I came  across one page that informed  me about this project on Energile by the students of BBA-5 C.

I got the opportunity to talk to Quratulain Tejani and Areesha Junejo, two of the organizing committee members, who told SLC that endorsing this product is for a project for their Media Management course.

They chose the product Energile because it is not very popular in the market and to revive the product would be a challenging task. As most of the groups in the course have decided on brands such as Bio Amla and Kit Kat, Junejo added, “The competition is super tough, because this semester, people aren’t just giving out strategies and PR plans, they are actually implementing them and that is why SZABIST is so colorful right now.”

Tejani told SLC, that they are holding several activities to market Energile such as Social Media activity on Facebook, they have also done photo-shoots with the colors of Energile, they gave out free samples of the juice as well. 

Additionally, races were held on Thursday November 3rd, to signify the ‘energy’ in Energile.
All in all they are doing a good job; SLC wishes them the best of luck.

Welcome back Johnny

Areesha Junejo
My friends and I went to see Johnny English Reborn a few days back. Being a huge Rowan Atkinson and Johnny English fan I had high expectations from the movie.
At the end of Johnny English (2003), English failed a mission and went to live in Tibet to learn martial arts. On his return back to the headquarters, he got news about international assassins posing as a threat to security which meant he needed to come back on the case. In the sequel, he has to hunt down the international assassins and stop them from causing complete international mayhem.

The movie and this I tell you with a heavy heart, completely let me down: the spark that Johnny English had, the comical theatrics, the fast paced witty dialogues, the complete klutz that we fell in love with in the first movie, were nowhere to be found in this one.
And where was Bough? Huh? What was the writer thinking? Where was the intelligent yet equally clumsy sidekick that we adored? Instead we got Agent Tucker (played by Daniel Kaluuya) who was funny but forgettable. The dialogues were slow and boring at times, and while we did let out a laugh or two at intervals that were too far apart for my taste, they weren’t 'Johnny English' laughs.

English got sophisticated with age and none of us wanted that. We wanted to see him erupt disaster, defeat the villain, get the girl and emerge as a hero; what we got instead was just another spy movie. So my advice for those who have seen Johnny English (2003), this (Johnny English Reborn) is not a territory you want to venture into. It’ll ruin your hilarious memories of the first one.