Saturday, November 5, 2011

For the First Time.

By: Farhan Hafeez

The Bollywood film Industry has been a major source of entertainment for the masses in the subcontinent for more than 50 years now. With more than 100 movie releases every year, Bollywood continues to build its name in the world of cinema. 

Think about an Indian movie for a second; you think of a particular style, the glamour, action, romance and more or less the same story. However, recently the Indian film industry moved from the usual flicks and made a paradigm shift. Venturing into a completely new style of cinema, Bollywood produced Ra One.
Starring the King of Bollywood: Shahrukh Khan and Bebo: Kareena Kapoor, Ra One broke the record of the most expensive Indian film ever made. Additionally, it was the first Indian Science Fiction film, due to which it received extensive promotion.

The movie was about creating a video game with the intention of the villain winning, which made the movie so interesting. The best part of the movie was Akon’s song Chamak Challo.

In the beginning the movie is absolutely lame but as it proceeds, it becomes interesting and keeps getting better till the end. It was indeed, a great effort, the effects were simply amazing and the music was just awesome. And, even though as an Indian Science Fiction, the movie to me was epic, the storyline contained loopholes here and there due to which the movie did not live up to the expectations.

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