Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Energy in Energile

By: Umar F. Jadoon

Walking around University which has been decorated with colorful banners and posters of different brands and products, I started to wonder what was going on. With my Facebook page flooding with requests to join various pages regarding different products, I came  across one page that informed  me about this project on Energile by the students of BBA-5 C.

I got the opportunity to talk to Quratulain Tejani and Areesha Junejo, two of the organizing committee members, who told SLC that endorsing this product is for a project for their Media Management course.

They chose the product Energile because it is not very popular in the market and to revive the product would be a challenging task. As most of the groups in the course have decided on brands such as Bio Amla and Kit Kat, Junejo added, “The competition is super tough, because this semester, people aren’t just giving out strategies and PR plans, they are actually implementing them and that is why SZABIST is so colorful right now.”

Tejani told SLC, that they are holding several activities to market Energile such as Social Media activity on Facebook, they have also done photo-shoots with the colors of Energile, they gave out free samples of the juice as well. 

Additionally, races were held on Thursday November 3rd, to signify the ‘energy’ in Energile.
All in all they are doing a good job; SLC wishes them the best of luck.

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