Thursday, November 18, 2010

My love, Dr.Seuss

Why am I writing this? Honestly, it gives me this level of joy never deemed possible.
Writing does I mean. Dr.Seuss is just my excuse.

Dr.Seuss. Because. His words are simple, deep, and can be understood by anyone.

I remember my first rhyme when I was a kid, it started with ‘cat’ and ended with ‘hat.’ I’ve loved him all along.

I’m sad, I google his name.
I’m happy, I google his name.
I’m feeling indifferent, I google his name.
And everytime I do, I find something he has to say…to me.

I don’t know how big I’ll make as a writer, but if typing my name in google gives atleast 10 results with quotations minutely close to those of Dr.Seuss, I think I’ll be satisfied.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Australia snatches another victory from Pakistan.

It was the World T20 Semi final and now it was the Hong Kong sixes. Australia snatches another match from the hands of the Pakistani team. Who would have thought that Pakistan would conceded 48 runs in the last over.

This was one of the most memorable matches we saw in the game of cricket. It showed cricket really is game full of surprises and never count the opponents off till the game's over.

Pakistan decided to bat first and made a total of 132 for 6 in 6 overs. Ahmed Shehzad continuing his brilliant form made a blistering 92 runs from 28 balls. The rest of the batting side could not perform well and only managed 40 runs.

Shoaib Malik was the main pick of the bowlers as he got two wickets in the over. The rest of the side kept the bowling tight.

The match completely when Imran Nazir was given the final over to bowl. The joy of the Pakistani fans, who were sure that Pakistan had made it, faded quickly as Glenn Maxwell and David Warner hammered 48 runs in the over.The over wasn't even completed.Here is the finall over recap:

First Ball: 6 runs
Second Ball: 4 runs
Third Ball: 6 runs
Fourth Ball: 6 runs (4 off a no ball)
Fifth Ball: 3 runs (single and a wide ball)
Sixth Ball: 3 runs (single and a wide ball again)
Seventh Ball: 6 runs
Eigth Ball: 2 runs
Ninth Ball: 6 runs
Tenth Ball: Caught Out
Eleventh Ball: 6 runs (4 runs off a wide again)

One of the factors which helped the Australians achieve this score was the consistent no balls and wides. Nazir kept gifting loose balls to the batsman and nearly every ball was reaching the fence. .

The scenario was a repeat of the World T20 semi final between Australia and Pakistan earlier this year. Australia need 19 runs in the final over and Michael Hussey did the job for them.

Till next time everyone :)

Note: Every over comprised off 8 balls and every wide and no ball conceded 2 extra runs. There is no free hit and power play rule in this format.