Thursday, November 18, 2010

My love, Dr.Seuss

Why am I writing this? Honestly, it gives me this level of joy never deemed possible.
Writing does I mean. Dr.Seuss is just my excuse.

Dr.Seuss. Because. His words are simple, deep, and can be understood by anyone.

I remember my first rhyme when I was a kid, it started with ‘cat’ and ended with ‘hat.’ I’ve loved him all along.

I’m sad, I google his name.
I’m happy, I google his name.
I’m feeling indifferent, I google his name.
And everytime I do, I find something he has to say…to me.

I don’t know how big I’ll make as a writer, but if typing my name in google gives atleast 10 results with quotations minutely close to those of Dr.Seuss, I think I’ll be satisfied.

1 comment:

  1. im sure ill google your name one day and get a whole list of awesome komal quotes :]