Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sorry State of Humanity

God created man as the "Ashraf ul Makhlooqat", translated as the greatest of all creations. He gave man, a mind to think for the better of the world. When he sent man to the earth, we all turned into savage beast who feed on each other's flesh and blood. Humans have been trying endlessly to conquer and achieve without caring for the feelings of others and we achieve and accomplish by always defeating each other. Is competition between human beings the main purpose of life now?

We have created so hatred between our fellow human beings that we don't really care whether are we humans or not. As we have moved on, we have become more ruthless and savage than ever before. There are no importance to relations and we also hurt the ones we love the most and care about without giving a damn about them and this enmity has most of the time brought nothing except destruction and devastation to the world. As technology has advanced so much that we are creating huge amount of weapons instead of bringing welfare and peace in the world.

Parents are also responsible for creating a sense of rivalry between siblings. All children should be treated fairly and equally, but sometimes they fail to realize this and things get out of hand in just a matter of time. The child thinks that no one loves him and sometimes this feeling gets the better of them and they end up taking lives of each other. Parents have a huge hand in the upbringing of the children but they should take the matter much more seriously. There was this case in 2002, when the younger son murdered his parents and his elder brother because he was deprived off all the things which his big brother got. So what you sow is what you shall reap.

"I am an IBA student, I'm a student of SZABIST, Nixor" and all this kind of mentality and talk hurts the image of God's creation. Every human is blessed with some special skills and abilities. We all generalize each other into different identities and start pointing out flaws in their religion, identity and ethnicity. God created one human being and we should respect every human being for what it truly is. Humans are magnificent creatures who is capable of doing great things in the world but we oversee this magnificence and turn them into a type of disease.

"I am an American, I am Australian, I am Indian. I belong to Karachi, I am ten times cooler than you". Superiority complex is found every where in the world. School children are being taught these type of things. Imagine what will happen when you're own children comes up to you and say these types of things. JUST IMAGINE.

As you sow, shall you reap. We are doing these things to ourselves and will be rewarded according to the things we have done. If this keeps going like this, then there will be nothing but total chaos in the world.


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