Friday, October 14, 2011

Music: More than a Composition

As I lay on my bed listening to the oldies and mainstream contemporary music, I can’t stop imaging all the reception these stars get on the stage when the perform infront of thousands in attendance. All the energy can be felt inside me when the riffs and the guitar string are plucked and the noise is produced.

Music makes me strong and weak, makes me feel like a king,strong,intense and motivated. Music makes me want to be everything that I want to be. It is a passion which makes me brace for the situation and consequences which are lying there ahead of me. When you stop taking care of a flower, it dies out naturally. It is just like that. Music is my life and I love living it to the fullest. No matter the artist, I just can't stop listening to it because it has a meaning for everything. As Bob Marley said, One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain. How very true the statement is, music does not make you feel sad about anything, it makes you forget the bad things and creates a ray of hopeness inside the heart that something good will happen. War songs are a perfect examples of this .

Music is something which eradicates the boundaries within a human being, whether geographically or the personalty. Music is no longer affiliated to any political party or a human being, in fact it refers to every single person which exists in the world. For example, The German heavy metal Rammstein did a concert in America last year, most of the people did not even know what the band was singing, yet they went and had an awesome time because they could feel the electricity which the group was performing.

Music eradicated affiliation of a person, as mentioned before. Whether it be a rivalry of two countries or the identity of a person. Junoon, Aabida Parveen, Atif Aslam and many other stars have performed in India, where the reputation of Pakistan is quite bad. These guys performed and got famous and they got the green signal for the bollywood flicks too. Despite all the tension between the states, these guys are trying to break the enmity between the nations. As far as music belonging to a person, I can only say that music makes you realize that the human has gone through every phase and emotions and every song has a cure for the emotion, listen to a motivating song when feeling down or an energetic song just to make you get ready for the task or accomplishment which is lying ahead of us, waiting to be completed.

Music is teaches us how to be strong and united. it gives us strength and motivational feeling that none other. Music is something really extraordinary which makes us so close in relating each other to something great

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